The Idea

The Idea behind Philanthropy

It’s fairly obvious that most foundations and charities are very limited in their capacity to contribute to the end goal – via both financial and Human resources. What’s the idea?

A week ago – around this neck of the woods a local group of hockey players took to the ice for 10 days – 24 hours a day. Why? Because they wanted to buy a piece of medical equipment for the Cancer Institute. How is it that the billions contributed to an institute cannot manage it’s funds accordingly. The basics around foundations and charities is such a bad business model. If they were actual businesses – they’d go broke.

The idea of creating a new foundation model designed to give was really ignited by Ewan McGregor. I was watching a show called ‘Long Way Round’. Two buddies traveled around the world on motorcycles. About 1/2 way around – Ewan stopped at a UNICEF depot in Mongolia where they fed and entertained the local orphans.  I kept watching that exact clip repeatedly until a light-bulb appeared above my head.  It truly was memorable. There was a definite bond between Ewan and this small two year boy. As the entire series was produced in several parts – I just couldn’t continue watching until I solved the reason for the light-bulb glowing so brightly. Eventually, I took down a few notes and continued to watch the final few episodes of the series.

Wonderful News
I cannot remember exactly when – but,  shortly after watching the program I found out Ewan and his wife had arranged to adopt the little orphan from the UNICEF depot in Mongolia. I was deeply moved by the unselfish act of good doing. I reflected back on my childhood and every Halloween our schools would give us a little orange box to assemble. We would walk house to house and accept donations. I would always make sure that my box was full before returning home.

And that is how I started the idea of ‘The Arts Help’ foundation.

Some examples that would bring awareness to my Philanthropy.

Seniors – must be taken care off – many cannot afford proper diet, housing, clothing, health care and special meds/assists, sidewalks shoveled, lawns mowed, flowers planted.

Children – going to school without a meal, poorly dressed for the weather, no health care, a laptop, books, pens and paper. I believe all children should be able to draw, scribble and colour with paints and crayons.

Single parents – working multiple jobs and never making the ends meet. A good reliable vehicle or transit pass. A day off. A holiday to Disneyland. Quality health services and education.

I also like the idea of spontaneous giving.

I wish all the giving to be Anonymous, without the fan-fair. I believe that the good deeds would be promotion enough to bring financial contributions.

As I continue to work a few things out – they will be posted under Philanthropy in the Weirdly Written Blog.  So, check back often.


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