Launching Pad

dfmw updates on some latest news and changes.

Hello, hello fellow members of the human race. I have a couple new things that are going to be changing with dfmw. So I’ll just start randomly and describe each change and or update in no-particular order. Visit our media page for the Launching Pad and how to view Weird Entertainment.

Twitter Icon

Twitter – I am now going to keep readership current on the fly with Twitter. Also note the top left hand corner of dfmw site for the latest tweet. You can click on the dfmw Twitter icon and link up with an RSS feed of my latest.

Weirdly Written – In case you haven’t noticed – I have moved the weirdly written blog category into it’s own blog – weirdly written

RSS feed – Weirdly Written on the top right hand corner of dfmw site.

The Book – All the Weirdly Written stuff will be compiled into a book for some time soon. I’m working on doing the book launch and website launch at the same time. All profits will go to a charity – still working on a few options for the charity choices.

Go Ahead Line 3 – This is my new category for Weirdly Written. Humorous helpline advice with a moral behind each story.

Advertising – We are working on a program for companies and just plain folk who would like to promote something on one or all of our websites. This is important to the development of transferring our sites to private servers – allowing the ability to monitor traffic to your ad link.

Essays – I have finished a couple more essays and are having them proofread prior to posting.

Funny Story – I will put it up on Weirdly Written – Early March 2011.

New Phrase – Creating Weird, so you don’t have to be – God Bless Yaz.

Anyhoo – That’s all for now.


2 responses to “Launching Pad

  1. My understanding of this subject is a little bit different, but I can also agree with the above. It is a little bit different every time you like at this area. I guess the point of view depend from the point of sitting 🙂 Thank you again


  2. I really agree with this subject. I’m not sure though if it is possible to make this kind of suggestion and be 90% sure, anyway it is worth to find something valuable. Thanks for sharing.


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