Twitter you Twit

Now I have to tweet.

So, I’m watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at a relatives house… Do you know where this is going?

Toot Sweet, Toot Sweet. My fine fendered friend. Dickie sure is full of talent. That type of talent doesn’t grow on trees you know. I don’t think we have anyone like that in today’s pop culture. Anyhoo.

Yeah, right back to the tweetie thing-a-ma-jiggie stuff. The toot sweet tune gave me the final push to be a tweet freak.  I have to try and find a common thing that I will tweet about. Something stupid yet obvious. I will also throw in the odd comment on daily observations. So, if you are going to follow my tweets – it will be a little time before I start a theme to my no-particular way of writing. And perhaps that in itself could be the entertaining tweet. The art of trying to tweet something creative.

Pour that over your cereal, speed.

Some of the people I’m following are:@billmaher, @alyssa_milano, @johncleese, @sarahksilverman, @bbcclick, @wired

These people better give some interesting stuff or I’ll drop them like a cheap $2 suitcase at LAX.

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