The Process

So, let me explain one of my creative processes.

I’m minding my own business as usual by sitting, listening and observing the daily constants.  Wondering what would I write about next. Perhaps something in one of my ‘Weirdly Written’ styles.  Suddenly, an idea came to me while noticing posters and the usual promotional propaganda surrounding the seemingly endless expanse of upcoming events featured during any given month of the year.  That’s where the boredom ended and the creativity began.

What if I were to write about something so common – that by simply configuring some word association I could describe an idea, product, or place. What if, you ask. A blog posting without the prerequisite photo. Oh, no batman you would have to comprehend the ‘Weirdly Written’ by dfmw. Keep reading.

I may notice your blue shirt, blue jeans or blue car but that doesn’t mean I’m going to write about you. Those observations become subconscious. Several days later the idea just gets spurted out onto whatever piece of paper happens to be nearby. I will try to compose a loose edit of the content prior to any posting. If I know the person whom helped create the inspiration, I will certainly show them the loose edited version before continuing with the thought process any further.

There are some people that are good at bouncing ideas off and those that help the creative process. The proofreader to me is essentially three things. One – someone whom reads to prove I wrote it.
Second – someone to approve of what I wrote.
Third – someone to approve of the composition.

After those three steps I will use a combination of dictionary and thesaurus to further the context with some clever wording. Generating a rythme from an idea is usually more difficult then generating a humorous story.  I love the way words and phrases can be manipulated into a story or prose. The English language is so weird.  After all is said and done I will use the online spelling editor and then a human editor if necessary.  Part of the writing problem stems from the inconsistency shared between the English speaking nations. Therefore, resulting in virtually endless methods to play with the words.

In case you are new to this blog, I have written these oddities and posted them under the category of ‘Weirdly Written’. These posts are usually well read and linked. So, today I have opened a separate blog just for the weirdly written content. Please, bookmark the site and sign-up for the subscriptions for the latest on my weirdly observations.

weirdly written


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