I’m Sorry!

I’m Sorry- It’s not you, It’s me.

Please don’t take anything I write as personal. You have all inspired me just like you have inspired any other creative person. As creatives we observe the daily’s and transpire them into something personal. Every artist has a medium which we choose to use as an outlet of expression. To be apart of that expression is a staggeringly unselfish offering that is often left without a thank you. If you are not woven from the same creative fabric as those you inspire – please accept this apology – and a forgotten thank you.

Those folks who have inspired a thought process probably feel a little uneasy about the creative follow-through. You shouldn’t be. You are helping the artist in so many ways. The final output of anyone creative is about the artists journey in life. It is not about your life. It’s about how you have influenced our lives. The final project is never truly complete – only a fragment of our journey to the present. Many people help to contribute to the process – but, it only takes one person or idea to bring it out. Art becomes therapeutic to the Artist.

We create art for the masses and not as a singular output. (whistle – hello – sound check) Do you listen to a song as if it were written for you? That was the whole point of the song. The Artist is writing for the masses and someone out there will think it’s about them.  Which becomes a little to weird for me, but to each their own. Anyhow, if you have helped in the artistic vision of a unique creation in anyway possible – you have helped us all – God Bless Y0u for doing so.

Weirdly Written

An Original Writing by
dfmw © 2011 All Rights Reserved


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