Proofreader, proofreader where are you?

At the end of a blogging year I thank those of you who have proofread my various creative writings.  In fact, I write a creative blog titled ‘Thank You’ in a typically ‘Weirdly Written’ sort of way. ‘Weirdly Written’ is my blog category for …. well, you don’t have to be a proofreader to understand the category.

Would you make a good proofreader? Who and what is required to prove your ability of reading someones writing and comprehend the creative as the author intended. I think there are three possible reader groups – read further to find out.

First – those of you who are very interested in learning to read and comprehend. Everything in the world is worthy of learning more about. Curiosity perhaps.

Second – those who aren’t too interested – due to lack of comprehension skills or they relate reading to being smart and they deem themselves unsuitable at the skill. But, at least they try and that is a redeemable quality.

Third – those who really can’t do anything – the no people.  Have we found a use for these people in society yet. Have they found a use for themselves in society yet? No.

Clearly, it is not easy finding a proof reader. It is far easier to prove those who aren’t good readers.

Proof of a good reader stems from the well-traveled or well-versed on world affairs. They have completed all primary education with a level of understanding and comprehension. A good use of language and it’s flexibility in daily human interaction. Cell phones users need not apply.

When writing anything creative the author may use a universal linguistic
approach to defining a topic, moment or location. Knowing your audience helps to understand the direction or flow of the composition. The big attraction to creative writing is essentially the authors self-imposed creative license to take the reader on a journey within the wording. Therein lies the proofreaders worth.

I think maturity and common life experiences can help with your proofreading skills.  I allow all sorts of folks to proofread my stuff. Age and life accomplishments don’t always improve primary prerequisites. You can improve your ability to proofread through education, travel and language. I must also state that you certainly don’t have to be creative.  It is far more important to understand the process of being creative.

Could you prove to be a good proofreader?

An Originally Weirdly Written by
dfmw © 2011 All Rights Reserved

2 responses to “Proofreader

  1. I always get my wife to proofread for me- she’s way better at it than I’ll ever be. I just lack the skills for it 😦



  2. Its my pleasure to declare you that your article has fascinated me. You are doing a great job. Keep up the work.And yes i have bookmarked your site .


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