The Webfolio

The Portfolio has become the Webfolio.

Ah, The Portfolio.
How awkward is trying to write something complimentary about yourself. Praise where it’s never been given before.  Clever wording borrowed from another.  Bits and Pieces noted on napkins that never came together.  I have maintained a portfolio for about 30 years.  Some friends and family have done so for over 60 years. Education and experience in the creative industry demands a portfolio.  If you want to know more about the current state of the portfolio, read on.

What a breath of fresh air – the webfolio.  Spell check has a problem deciding on the correct spelling of webfolio.  The Dictionary and Thesaurus are also confused.  The folks who edit the Dictionary and Thesaurus  probably never had a portfolio and therefore would not understand the webfolio.

A must have for the creative folks – the webfolio.  Constantly keeping things updated and current with all the relevant samples and hopefully your best work.  It took a lot of work to show your work.  The electronic age changed the portfolio into the webfolio by how it was displayed and delivered.

Photography played a considerable role in reducing the size and format of the portfolio. Digital electronics have contributed the most to the portfolio. As we type or design the latest and greatest with our computers, and click to upload or update instantly. We display our ideas online for the world to see. The world wide web is your friend. Hence, the webfolio. The internet changed everything and so did the digital experience.

Software has added to the webfolio experience. The ability to create a splash with flash certainly generated a lot of early interest in an artists web site. The other side to the flash site was the wait time between the bubbles and graphics spinning around on the page while trying to load your photographs. That became very annoying and viewers attention span shorten dramatically because of the flash sites.

Simplicity had captured the Internet.  Clean lines – less is more… yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t forget to include some information folks. Some of the sites are too simple.  The purpose of today’s website is to keep people informed – via information. Updates and uploading has never been easier. Why are the webfolios not updated.

Welcome to the 6 month bubble. That means you have 6 months before your content goes sterile.  Publish a little news about what you are up to. Call it a blog or news, but keep potential clients updated.  Digital cameras, cell phones, tablets and laptops – are all connected to the web site – use it.

Tell everybody you are online.  After all your friends and family have checked you out and made the appropriate recommendations on your behalf to potential clients, expect the novelty to wear off. Those potential clients will monitor your webfolio for changes. They want to read what you are doing, thinking about before they call.  If you don’t keep updating your 6 month bubble with burst.

Social Networking web sites are your best friend. Have you ever looked at a products web site and clicked on the Facebook page to see what clients said. Restaurant reviews, Hotel reviews or product testing info is all available for free on social network web sites.  Free.  Why would you not use them. Nothing was free when we created our portfolios.  Portfolios where very expensive to produce. We made it happen on our artist salary.

Why are you not online with your personal creations? Why isn’t it updated. Where are the new projects. What’s your excuse? Web sites are an evolving part of the person and/or business.  It must keep changing and evolving with you and create interest to keep us coming back.  Stagnant sites are a thing of the past. The effort you put into your online presentation will reflect your work ethic and commitment to a future project.

Represent yourself online by keeping us updated.


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