Listen to Learn & Comprehend

Listen & learn to comprehend about the possibilities.

For those of you just arriving on Earth, welcome to our world. We started a Internet thing awhile back and it has become the dominate business around our planet.

The odd thing about that statement is the folks whom are already living here and don’t quite seem to have a grasp on the Internet.  I’m not talking about being employed by Microsoft or Apple computers . I’m talking about the fact the Internet has been the dominate business model on Earth for over a decade,  surely you must have heard about it. Web Sites, Url, –  you’ve seen the terms and phrases. Try a hand at the local crossword and there is most certainly a question and answer on the Internet.

I started to hand out an information sheet to clients over the years to help with the language barrier between Internet users and non-users.  The information is increasingly become more complicated as the Internet evolves. Which in turn creates for very odd translation and comprehension of terms and jargon within the Internet Industry. Most terms and jargon is quite simple to understand. Buy a dictionary. Look up password, account, membership, subscription, server, hosting, domain…. Those are the definitions we use as Internet users.

Build for the future. As an experienced Retail Designer and Wed Designer I always tell client to have the ability to expand. The Internet model is structured on a ’24hour/356 days of the year’ foundation. Nobody sleeps. Open Source means that someone, somewhere is developing the software you are working on. Wake up tomorrow morning and expect changes, whether you can see them or not. The 7 second rule has changed depending on the age demographics of your web presence. For the younger, gaming set [30 years] the attention span is about 3 to 4 seconds. That means you must have something new and interesting to look, listen or read within that time span.

Open Source has it’s limitations. However they do offer free blogs services. They are a great source to get online and learn your way about the Internet. But, you have to get online and start doing something. Take a course at the local college, buy the book or listen to someone who knows the industry. Build a web presence with the anticipation that as the Internet grows your web site can grow with it. Your web site can give exact traffic data and relevant demographics for marketing purposes. Expect an increase in traffic after about 1 year and a slow steady rise after that. Usually, after you have a couple of years worth of web traffic stats – you can tie-in an affiliate or advertising program. Why not do so, if your blog or independent web site has the traffic. No-Brainer really.

Obviously, trying to monetize a website is not for everybody. So, I’ll make an example. By the way, look up ‘example’ in the dictionary. When we refer to an example of the possibilities of a web site – we are not talking about within a half hour of your web site going online. The other day one client assumed I was going to create the next ‘Time’ magazine overnight and start an advertising campaign. Another client thought they would have businesses flocking to their ‘Wedding Directory’ – are you kidding me.  While you have the dictionary open – look up the word growth or grow. To monetize your web site would need more work and a constant change of interesting content. Monetized web site is not for everybody.

Your web site may be the sole source for information about you and your services/products. This sole source could provide income or an exchange of product/services in the future. The ability for your web presence to be displayed on a boardroom LCD TV maybe relevant. That would also be considered a method to monetize your business. When you include a client’s logo on your web site – you are promoting them indirectly… aren’t you. I have several client logos on my webfolio. Partnerships, sponsors and supporters are very common among web sites. I did a Veterinarian Clinic web site and one of their suppliers wanted to be included. They offered discounted product in exchange. Do you think a Vet Clinic Web Site is high traffic. No. I’ve seen the stats.

If you are just starting out your online business and registering your domain name, consider purchasing a couple optional domains. Another consideration is the registering of social network sites. Ideally, you would want to use the same name for all web presence. Registering for Twitter or Facebook today doesn’t mean you are forced to use the service. But, you have reserved the service for the future with your name. That is very important for continuity. Another very important issue with the social network websites is the fact large media outlets use them to correspond with the public and clients. Commenting on blogs, and magazine or newspaper articles is a good way to promote traffic to your site. However, you will probably have to be logged into your social media site.

The Internet folk understand the concept of ‘what you buy new today is already out of date’.  So, on your behalf we often will try to define the future prospects of your web presence. For your benefit, not ours. Building something for today with the ability to grow takes just as much time as building something for today without the ability to grow.  So, listen to the Internet folks about your web presence future and the endless possibilities that may or may not allow you to monetize or divide into another web presence. You just never know – Listen to Learn & Comprehend about the possibilities the Internet folks are saying.

Your job is to know your business. Our job is to get your business online.


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