Start to Blog

If I type they will read.

Blog for yourself, blog to complain, blog to compliment, blog about weird people, funny people or help the rest of us understand something better. people want to blog.

I have decided to start a how-to blog information kit for one of my other websites to help direct the current flow of folks who wish to start a blog. My decision stems from helping a new blogger whom is ready to tell the world about their opinion whether we want it or not. But, that is why we like reading blogs.  Because the other viewpoint is always funnier then the author intended. The blogs of others become our entertainment.

If a blog’s intent was to inform, rather than humor, what did we do wrong.  Nothing, I don’t think.  We all read and interpret differently and that is what makes reading other blogs entertaining.  So, my recommendation to those just starting is – not to over think what you are writing.  The reader is not exactly over thinking your words.  Many readers cannot comprehend the context to which most intended.  But, don’t let that discourage you.  Try to organize your idea.

Organization is what a lot of bloggers didn’t like about regular information websites or daily life for that matter.  For many bloggers using structure with outlines and that grammar stuff seems – well,  to structured. The writer must remember the reader more than assuming your twin is your only readership. Start with the opening statement of your issue. Follow that with a brief introduction. The meat of the business is next with a few points to clarify or emphasis. Conclude.

Wow, just like grade school. All you folks that thought you’d never use anything you learned in school again. They taught that stuff to you for a reason.  If fact the education structure for the Planet intends to cover all the basics no matter what language.  Did you know that your blog can be viewed in many languages at a click of the mouse.  Keeping your ideas in check and paragraphs organized helps with the translation.

If you find this posting is slightly unorganized – your right. You just learned the first lesson about blogging.

An Original Weirdly Written by
dfmw © 2010 All Rights Reserved


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