Alzheimer Awareness Month

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January is Alzheimer Awareness Month. One local restaurant along with some staff and customers used this month to mock the Alzheimer patients and Families. This is not a first time offense for the establishment. Back in December during World Aids Day and World Human Rights Day – some staff and customers chose to post in public view some hate propaganda. I believe that awareness campaigns can work in several ways. The obvious being the ability to draw attention to the issue or illness at hand. The other being to bring attention to the business and people whom disrespect the issue or illness.

It was nice to see the results of awareness campaigns . Recently a breast-feeding mother was ejected from a book store in Montreal. She promptly responded by creating  a blog and communicating with like-minded people to bring awareness to the store’s poor behaviour. Google the results – all the info is online.

50 years ago, people were isolated in small rural communities and didn’t have access to News about Global issues. Many of those misguided members of the Human Race found solace in grouping together to share a common belief in things unknown.  Eventually, the phone and television arrived to these communities and their world opened up. Some folks even learned to read and write to confront their own illiteracy issues.  Unfortunately, today their still seems to be pockets of the ill-informed despite all the News instantly available about World Wide Epidemics.

News and more News. It seems that a lot of media campaigns are based on past news instead of new, News. I personal don’t think much has changed on the research of a cause or cure for Alzheimer’s. Why? Because I have a parent whom is at a later stage of Alzheimer and the treatment is much the same as when the Dementia was diagnosed. You have to bring awareness to your cause somehow. I think you would bring more awareness by saying ‘there is not better treatment or understanding of the illness’. But, that’s me.

Supposedly, everyone will get some form of Dementia or Alzheimer.  We live longer now and that seems to be the reason so many people have the illness today. The signs may or may not show up as you age. Consider yourself and your family lucky if they don’t show up in a Parent or Grandparent. However, you Baby Boomers out there may want to read about this –

CTV news/Canada AM interviewed the President of Alzheimer Society of Canada Richard Nakoneczny about the latest research News. It really wasn’t news to me, it was more awareness media. Which is good stuff, but I was hoping for something new on the cause or cure.  Mr. Nakoneczy did mention about preventive measures that can be adjusted to your lifestyle. Eating right, exercise, and keep yourself educated. I thought that is the goal of everybody. It certainly is the preventive measures for every known illness – isn’t it?  My parents have been at the forefront of healthy eating and nutrition years before anyone would make money on false diet guarantees. Our Family was green before the colour was invented. It still didn’t stop Alzheimer’s from affecting my Parent and two relatives as I write this post. Needless to say everybody should practice good health, exercise and keep educated.

In case you are just visiting – Welcome to Planet Earth – We’ll try to remember you.

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One response to “Alzheimer Awareness Month

  1. When Alzheimer’s affects one family member, it affects them all. The person with the illness isn’t the only one who has lost something. Memories of past experiences shared with an Alzheimer’s patient aren’t joint anymore when one can no longer recollect. It’s like a one-handed clap.


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