Unicef Contributes

Have you contributed lately?

People get confused about what their contribution to society is.  Bringing a child into a First World Nation is not a contribution.  It should be a very well thought out process.  Yeah, I know the story – boy meets girl – yadada, yadada, yadada.  Consider this a contribution to yourself. Hopefully, family and friends will contribute to raise the child.  Society, only accepts well raised adults. Those young parents and children that have overcome unexpected burdens are Societies reward for contributing. The burden on First World Nations should not be the result of poor parenting and a misguided child.

Society contributes way to much towards poor behaviour within the First World Nations.  Lets not forget that the First World Nation’s contributes conflict onto the Third World and Developing Nations.  Societies contribution of both financial and human life is a result of others decisions. If Society had made the decisions on how to spend our contributions, where would and who would we focus on. Shouldn’t we be focusing on the Third World and Developing Nations whom cannot contribute to themselves.

There is more money used to reward and support poor behaviour in Society then good behaviour. Well behaved people are whom contribute to the poor behaved. With such little reward for contributing toward a good cause, it is any wonder why so few people help. For those that do contribute to Society for such little reward – I say thank you.  Have you contributed lately?

I hope everyone plans to reward someone for contributing.

An Original Weirdly Written by
dfmw © 2010 All Rights Reserved


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