Minding Your Business

Who’s minding your Business?

We were taught at a young age to mind our own business, well some of us anyway.  I can’t imagine why you weren’t taught this. Perhaps your parents weren’t taught to mind their own business. Maybe they had nothing to mind.

Both your personal and business life require the ability to respect others. Respect is only received when given. Respect is an admirable attribute that shouldn’t be easily dismissed or confused with being unintelligent.  Respect is taught. Anyone at almost any age can be respectful once taught. The private life of someone  should never be aired in the open or discussed behind closed doors. Life is complicated and can be made more complicated when misinformed people whom haven’t been taught the basics to human mannerisms speak aloud.

Personal information about someone should never be discussed unless you are given the correct information from the right person. That information should only come from those individuals. Usually, those whom exist on misinformation are without a lot of personal substance.  Living life through an undefined path of cerebral knowledge. Nobody should be speaking openly about anybody at anytime. It is none of your business.

Business must learn to mind their own business. Staff must mind their own business. Customers are customers unless a friendship forms outside the establishment. Repeat customers are the best for any business. It costs a lot of money to advertise for new customers. Staff can cost a business. Business must also teach staff to mind their business.  A Doctor or Nurse will not discuss personal information about their patients – It’s illegal.  Do you have to be a Doctor or Nurse to respect other people’s business.

Bullying is a result of misinformation and a big issue among parents. Bullying is often a result of poor parenting. Kids should have the right to finish high school conflict free. We applaud those parents and kids that have taken home schooling to avoid the miss-guided children of high school.

I had to overcome early childhood learning disabilities with very little help. The occasional teacher would offer some help.  As an adult I still have people mock my speech impediment – which arises on occasion depending on my surroundings. I have also learned to tolerate people staring at me while waiting for my reaction or comments. I would hope no child has to learn to tolerate how others perceive them.  Today, I would look to hire a person whom beat the odds to become better. They will continue to strive to be the best they can be at home and at work. These people become better parents.

Being an adult comes with responsiblities.  Eventually, you must grow up and learn to mind your own business.

An Original Weirdly Written by
dfmw © 2010 All Rights Reserved


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