Health Defining Television.

The marvels of modern technology have provided us with yet another wondrous change to society. We will now be purged of the unsightly reality television folk. How is this related to health? Stay tuned and read more my friends.

First off, lets identify these peculiar individuals and the process to which they derive. While watching one of those news channels you may come across someone for reasons unknown whom is attracted to the Mimi Character on the Drew Carey Show. As Drew Carey stated “a baboon’s bottom is not a good visual for a persons face”. Yet, somehow years after the shows finale we still encounter this highly definitive specimen. Perhaps this will be solved with HDTV.

Such obviously identifiable signs are the bad haircut and over-colouring. Bolt-on nails accentuating extended fingers as if the cotton balls are still intact. Talking while trying not to have the lips come in contact with the teeth. Also, the added bonus of never actually closing your mouth while speaking. Look, but don’t touch. It’s creepy even typing this observation.

The bolt-on finger nails is a give-away to many things. The most obvious being that they probably don’t do any manual labour either at home or for employment. Because you will break a nail. So, perhaps something cerebral is best suited to them.  Yet, oddly enough anything intelligent based is directly associated with one’s ability operate a computer and keyboard. Bolt-on nails can inhibit the abilities of work. Unless they get a job reading script – hence working in television – reality television.

I occasionally will see one of these specimens in public. [Public – I mean outside of a Wallmart] They always give me a surprised look as if I should recognize who they are trying to imitate.  These individuals are often spotted walking around with purse extended to counter-balance the high heeled footwear.  Perhaps they are drying their bolt-on nails.  Try standing behind these characters at a cashier while they dig for change. They sound like a Mariachi Band with their crab claw bolt-on manicure clicking in time to the loose change in their purse. Do you have change for a quarter Mame?

So, how healthy is it to have your hair consistently coloured, while administering layers of chemicals, adhesives, animals fats and artificial dies across the face to a suitable depth. Then continuing the disguise as though Sherlock Holmes was going to discover your true identity. Timing the morning ritual of masking tape removal prior to heading out the door. Surely, that cannot be healthy.

Have you watched the BBC folks. Impeccable complexion. Lovely clarity. Crisp and clean as they say. The rest of the world is also getting on the band wagon of definition. Many stations are broadcasting in both definitions. Eventually, all channels will simply be HDTV. And that is how we all become healthy. By watching HDTV.

Hopefully, your favorite television personality will encourage yourself to the same rigorous regime of healthy diet and fitness used by actresses and actors for decades.  A regime the is perfected by any athlete through exercise and good food. Bad hair colouring and waving bolt-on nails on a sound stage will no longer suffice. Unless your reality is our reality programing god forbid you’re watching the stuff.  However, this in turn will encourage the viewership of such programing to follow those healthy choices.

Hence, watching HDTV is healthy, and good on the eyes.


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