Comment Please

No Dumbass comments please.

I’m sure that everyone has given a response to some form of blog or commentary from a magazine or newspaper article.  If you are literate enough to read this post I would assume that you have made a couple of comments.

I enjoy reading the comments on issues from different magazines, newspapers or other media outlets. You can almost guarantee a ridiculous, unintelligent response according to the media source. Fox news wouldn’t have any comments worthy of commenting on. CNN is usually good for comments. Commenting on comments is directly relevant to the informed opinions of both author and reader. When both author and reader are not informed then the comments are more about being entertained. Somehow I think that a news source should be more than entertainment. But, then again that’s just my informed opinion.

I watch 60 Minutes whenever I remember it’s on. Sunday, usually. I enjoy the Andy Rooney character and his commentary. His comments are usually more about entertainment than information. I don’t think he wants to be informed anymore. That’s part of aging, I think. At some point knowing more by being informed isn’t going to change your outcome or viewpoint. Andy Rooney has the opportunity to say his viewpoint in front of a tremendous audience unlike the rest of us. Whether his opinion is based on information or not, it has the ability to inform or misinform the audience. Since he is featured at the end of the show as an informal viewpoint we should all take it like a grain of salt.

Filling out the forms for comments is often limiting. The open forum format of discussion becomes shorten by the number of words one is able to type. Can you get long-winded by typing or just speaking. This post is becoming long-winded. But, at least I have something to say and how to comment about it. That’s more than I can say about others.

Politicians, Radio and Television personalities like to hear themselves speak. I guess it makes them feel important.  Neither one is relevant to our opinions nor should they influence our decisions. When you are in the public domain you are open for commentary. When you make a mistake you are open for criticism. Nobody likes to be criticized. Being criticized usually means that you were wrong. Nobody wants to be wrong. If your actions affect the public then expect criticism.

Modern technology allows easy access of information to use for anybody wanting to make an informed comment. The questions then becomes how can someone’s comment be uninformed? Everyday I read those opinions from uniformed authors and readers. Just because you can read and write doesn’t mean you are informed. Comprehension is useful. Understanding what you have learned before you comment is useful for everyone else.

Please, learn how to become informed and how to use modern technology. Don’t be a Dumbass.


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