Osmosis Marketing

I have no idea, I just like it.

1. Selectively permeable membrane is your brain.
2. Water molecules represent all the products.
3. Sugar molecules represent the people.

What we have here folks is a chemistry demonstration of how the modern marketing business model works. Yes, chemistry is used to explain the means to which the new generation is making decisions.  A simple sugar and water solution indicates the thought process being passed onto the buyers brain through osmosis. The decision to buy is an unexplainable event that seemingly have their friends doing the same.  Zombie like? Possible, yet plausible. Creepy indeed.

So, how do you market to those who just decide through osmosis. A modern marvel of the evolutionary process still being sorted out in marketing classrooms around the globe. Deciding on a product virtually by an unknown means of qualification. In any laboratory experiment a common denominator is determined resulting in solving the intangibles through tangible figures. But, what if the common denominator is the product. If the product is selling and you don’t know why – do you care. Ideally, it would be nice to know how to repeat the process. But, how?

Imagine a Large Automobile company that produces a vehicle and starts to load up showrooms and dealerships around the globe without any marketing. One day we all just walk into the showroom and trade-in the old jalopy for the latest greatest car offering for reasons unknown. Why have a marketing department or any other vertical or horizontal marketing distribution channels? Would this not reduce the overhead associated with almost any product we buy as consumers?

Someone has the formula and they are using it with Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kesha … you get the point. Those are just some of the music acts that have appeared out of nowhere the past couple of years. As we drift miserably closer to the snow banks of Christmas and the biggest shopping days of the year – do we know what to buy yet. I’m still waiting for the actual advertisements to become public and annoy the purchase out of me.  But, this year seems to be a little late or is it just that the osmosis hasn’t past through my medulla oblongata.

I do want to know how this new marketing model works. And believe me it is working really well. I even decided to research on this Justin Bieber boy and find out what his skill set is. The boy is very talented and there is a considerable amount of information available for any research into the Lads surprise entertainment success.  So, I continued my market research and asked some fans about their decision to plaster posters and wallpaper computer with Bieber dribble.  A quick, simple and direct to the point question usually does the trick.

“What is your favorite dance style of Justin that has pushed your parents to purchase all of this propaganda.”
“I don’t know”
“Do you Dance”
“Can you sing”
“Do you have a CD”
“What do you know about him”
“He was born March 1st, 1994 – London, Ontario, Canada but raised in Stratford, Ontario – Brown hair and brown eyes”
“Okay, that’s enough”

The molecules have started to permeate my Medulla Oblongata. Justin Bieber merchandise it is.


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