The IP Address

Know who your communicating through.

The Internet Protocol Address for your computer or anyone else is available online. That’s is a good thing.  Unless,  you are a large business with full time support staff you probably don’t have a private ip address. That’s because most ip addresses are bundled to several outgoing connections. That too is a good thing.

Security features on your computer will save guard against miscellaneous information getting out, provided you keep it updated. How many people do you come across that can’t turn on the automatic update link? Your email address is identified through a ip address and most ip address have hundreds of emails associated with them. Safety in numbers. Use some logic folks. Type the unknown ip address into the search bar and find out if they are operating in the region they say they are. If you don’t feel comfortable with what information people are giving you then don’t deal with them.

If I’m buying a saddle and bridle from a dealer in Kentucky – I would assume there ip address is associated with a local service provider and not a distance Country. Granted there could be call centers associated with larger businesses but I’m sure Bob’s Saddlery doesn’t have a mass distribution network. Once again folks, use logic.

I’m not by any means suggesting for you to go out and buy things just because someone has a email address associated with a ip address of a local service provider. No, wrong. What I’m saying is – find out something about the business first. Use your brain or borrow someone’s. We can’t keep compensating people and building safe guards resulting from shear stupidity. It is starting to cost honest business money.

Making purchases online is something to truly understand. You can buy from large merchandisers or small ‘Mom & Pop’ onliners living at the cottage. This is an industry that has just started and it’s going to grow. If you know the exact size of the Chanel No. 5 perfume you want for a gift – buying online can save huge. Direct purchases from the manufacturer distributor in France and you are smelling like roses 24 hours later. Giddy -up.

Suggestion: Learn the correct procedures via the regulated industry suppliers like Amazon for books or iTunes for music. Read the small print.


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