Email vs Phone

It is a no-brainer really.

What’s the deal with email vs phone number people. Email is far easier and private to deal with than the telephone, cell phone or smart phone.

With a phone number, you can yellow page the person or business including the postal code and address. Try doing that with an email. Years ago everyone would give out the phone number. People were a little more responsible as well. Now you just never know about some of these wing nuts. Even if you are giving out your cell phone number to your best friend, there should still be safe guards.  But, how do you tell your friends without pissing them off. Your friend could lose their cell phone, and your number is on it.

Simply put, a cell phone plan is offered through the same service provider as a land line. Therefore the same information is available about the individual. In fact land lines and cell numbers are so similar you wouldn’t know if someone is running a scam business  just by looking at the number. Ask for a email address and you will instantly know that the person is someone credible and current with today’s technology. Yeah, if you can operate a cell phone you can operate a simple laptop.

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