World Sport Events

Stop the 3rd World locations, already!

I have never understood the reason behind selecting a 3rd world country to host a major sporting event. I don’t understand the reason because I don’t have to. There is no reason. Building spectacular athletic facilities that wouldn’t get used again seems costly. How is this isolated infrastructure going to benefit the rest of the country. Attending a World Sporting Event should not be adventure tourism.

Lets look back on the Chinese games. Endless money to spend, and unlimited workers. Children taken from homes and forced into fitness programs. Tourists are monitored and tracked, Athlete rooms are bugged, media is banned from freedom of speech, and seats are filled with locals to fake the sell-outs. Do you think they will actually keep the stadium facilities or re-structure them into government establishments. Time will tell on that issue.

The Commonwealth Games are hosted in India this month. How lovely. How did a monkey and cow become symbolic with a major sporting event. Simply, locate the event in New Delhi. India, build the place already. How is it that every nation seems to mess up on the final preparation dates. Is the 10 years to build the venues not enough time.

Skip ahead a few years and we have the return of yet another venue chosen for no-particular reason – Sochi, Russia. A completely corrupt building process right from the beginning and will likely remain that way until the closing ceremonies. Have a look at the next few cities up for the bidding process of the World’s major sporting events. Tell me which ones you would have chosen. The only way you would choose a site has to be based on receiving some sort of benefit to the selection committee.

I can see the idea of rewarding a nation who has emerged through troubled times and corrupt leadership. However, most of these Countries are still in a state of disrepair. They are emerging economies, not 1st World economies.  Of course the other side to the coin is that 1st World Nations like Canada can have issues with Unions. You won’t see a Union problem in India or China. They appreciate the ability to work.  Choosing a Country without the Natural Resources to build structures is also a problem. Grossly inflated import tariffs combined with no infrastructure to move materials around should not be apart of the funding model. I would think you are better off dealing with the Union then a Military.

A huge burden with any Country who has been granted the rights to host an International event is the security of the Athletes and Tourists. China and Russia are right out of ‘I spy‘ magazine. This is just practice makes perfect for them. I can imagine getting daily reminders of which toothpaste to use every morning via a quiet voice over the speaker in the washroom. ‘Excuse me sir, you prefer the mint over the peppermint’ – Oh! Thank you very much I forgot about that.

Finally, the other funny consequence resulting from a hosting city is crime to Athletes and Tourist. Crime in China – not good for criminals. Crime in Russia – not good for criminals. Crime in USA – business is now open. If any of you have been to New Orleans, you’ll now what I mean. You do not leave the main tourist district. The police will rob you. Petty crime is allowed in 3rd world USA. On your next business trip to Atlanta, ask the hotel desk where to walk at night for a breath of fresh air. Ware yaz from, y’all?  What? ‘ Can you repeat that in English, please’. No, walking around here after hours.  It’s really weird to think that every city on the Planet outside the USA has the ability to walk around.  New York is fine during the day or major tourist spots in the evening, but don’t go out of bounds.

Despite Unions, overly friendly Canadians, sophisticated Europeans, camera clicking Asians or barking Americans; the ability to roam freely, learn new languages, pay inflated prices, buy bad souvenirs, hats, scarfs, and toques you’ll never wear again,  World Sporting Events – Priceless.


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