Copycat, Copycat

Aren’t you tired of being a Copycat.

I’m certainly tired of the copycat.  You know the person whom lingers around in the background trying to listen in on the conversation to catch a few ideas.  A few days or weeks later this person tries to present the idea to others in hoping to claim recognition or some degree of praise.  Think of the dog that returns the ball after you threw it.  The dog is now sitting at your feet wagging it’s tail – look what I just did.

So, here is where things get fun.  Let’s play fetch with the copycat.  Throw a random factor idea out in hearing distance and wait for the return.  Usually, just as expected the individual presents the idea wrapped in some peculiar garnish as though to disguise their copy.  I can relate the concept to the one submariner whom is wearing the camouflague uniform because it is the night shift.  Dude, I can still see you.

When is this person going to get tired of being a Copycat? Rob Scheinder had a great skit on SNL about the photocopy dude. I can’t even remember the last time I used a photocopier. It must of been sometime shortly after the SNL skit ended. I’m assuming there is a need for the photocopier in nations without internet or computers. However, I do find that hard to believe.  The other day to my amazement I saw a dude use a fax machine to send in an order to a supplier. What kind of response would the supplier provide to someone without computer skill sets. Your priority would certainly not be high on the suppliers list.  If anyone has ever tried to change the powdered ink cartridges from a fax or copy machine you probably don’t have one anymore.

So, here you are today in your office looking at the computer that you cannot turn on. Walk over to the fax machine to see if someone from 1990 is sending in an order.  Nope, no fax.

Facsimile – isn’t facsimile the same as copy.


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