Small Office Home Office.

The computer has opened up the world to everybody on the planet. It has also completely changes how everything is designed and manufactured. In fact we use the computer to design and operate the machines for the manufacturing process. I can’t imagine there are many jobs left in the world the don’t involve a computer. At the end of the day the money you earn is deposited into a bank machine – aka computer. But, the real change to our lives has been the home computer. This marvel of engineering has allowed millions of people to conduct business out of their home.  SoHo -small office home office.  Soho are also districts in certain cities around the world.  Soho districts were the reclaimed old factories that the arts community moved into and renovated as the loft style / home based business. The loft living spaces have become the hot properties in any city and are often purchased by anybody with cash and wanting hip new digs. The cost of SoHo living increased so much that the artists have to move to the suburbs. Retirees have moved into many of the SoHo complexes due to there close proximity to a downtown culture. Walk out your front door and drop into your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. An evening on the town is a walk away. It really is interesting how the creative folks provide structure and change to society. Farms lands getting sub-divided into acreages that have become popular with the home office crowd. Why work for somebody else when you can work out of your own shop in the backyard. There are pockets of communities around the world where the creative sorts reside. These places become popular with the tourist set. Then the next thing you know is an accountant from Toronto has bought your neighbours villa. That pretty much ends that lovely neck of the world. Pack up the laptop and search for another piece of paradise until the tourists crowd finds us, again.


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