West Coast Lifestyle

A lifestyle for those with a life.

The interesting thing about the west coast lifestyle is that it chooses you – you don’t choose it.  Of course  you’ll all hear the complaints about the weather on the West Coast. This usually means they haven’t even been there before. I have lived and worked all around Pacific West Coast. It is as spectacular as represented on the World wide coverage of the Olympics. The best part of that lifestyle is how it keeps riff raft folks from living there.  If you don’t bike, ski, swim, skate, paddle then you probably won’t be living there.  London, Paris, New York, Tokyo are not back drops to world class outdoor recreational facilities.  Seattle,  San Francisco,  Los Angeles, Victoria and Vancouver certainly are launching pads for activity.  Everybody lives outdoors as only you can because of the mild weather. Healthy lifestyles are often associated with the rich and famous.  Health is about getting outside and doing something not about money. It is outrageously expensive to live anywhere with exceptional lifestyles. West Coast Canada is really expensive. The high cost of living combined with a heathly lifestyles helps to purge the system of unwanteds.  If you are the lazy sort and refuse to get active in sports or just getting outdoors then you probably live where it’s -30. However, when it’s cold outside the ski hills have snow and the ponds are frozen over. Perfect time to drag yourself off the couch and go skiing or skating.  But, wait.  You have an excuse. It’s to cold outside.


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