City Architecture

The original Frank Gehry copy.

I was born and raised in a northern Canadian City that had all the cliche’s of cold, colder, coldest. And that is just the people. The weather is worse. Most modern cities in today’s world become larger in population and more culturally diverse. This City just got larger in population. I’m still waiting for the diversity. We have a Mayoral election within the next few weeks. Several of the issues at hand are about improving the City and bringing it within more modern standards of traditional western hemisphere lifestyles. All elections bring out amble mindless folk who feel it is there demogratic right to stop the natural progression of a City. The current incumbent should win handily as there really is no other option. There are definitly a couple of councillors that need to be purged from the system. That will be a could thing for this frozen tundra City. Never in the history of this City has there been a Mayor along with a few councillors who have helped create such drastic change for the good. I must also commend the past Art Gallery of Alberta’s President for bringing in the Cities first piece of Architecture.  As anybody with a pulse knows – Architecture defines a City. This Cities limitation has been an airport plopped right in the center and hence determined the height of buildings.  Granted when the world was at war, paving several acres of land to accomadate refueling for the older aircrafts of yesterday on there voyage across the pond made sense. That was 60 years ago. Countless businesses have moved to a the dynamic southern City adding to its already lavish lifestyle. I have been fortunate enough to have lived in and travelled to leading edge Cities around the world. When I return back to this City, I realized how primitive it was.  Yeah, we have grocery stores and gas stations for the pickup truck crowd, a hockey team with drug stores scattered about the local strip mall. But, what we are missing here is the cultural phenomenon that happens when a City builds toward the sky. This Cities future lies within its current mandate of build it and they will come. Of course you have to let them build it.

Oh, the Art Gallery of Alberta President – moved to the southern City.


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