Recreation Property

The lovely Bran Castle – Transylvania, Romania

This whole Vampire theme has gotten completely out of control with the new series of children books and movies.  It always seems weird to me that someone would base a children series on a violent person such as The Count Sesame Street and SCTV used Vlad and his famous clothing line on – countless episodes of humor.  In fact when I was a kid there was even a cereal named after the sucker.

The story about this bad boy was quite disturbing, yet as generations pass we seem even more thrilled about the history.  Every couple of years some wingnut decides to re-invent this dude and market the hell out of him. Who would ever think that a man so evil would become so popular. There are other evil people over the generations that have not been inspirational – thank God.  But, can you image if they created theme parks and cartoon characters based on those devilish folk of yore.  Why is it that people go batty for this guy, where as they shun the idea of even mentioning the other mass murdering morons in history.  I read somewhere that his castle was for sale – and I wanted to buy it – wouldn’t you?  Everybody knows someone with a recreation property or a travel trailer – but owing Vlad the Impaler’s dig’s would be quite proper indeed.  Anthony Bourdain’s travel show visited the castle in what was one of the funniest episode’s of bad yet good travel television.  Partly, due to the dumbass guest host and haunting scenery. You just cannot make that stuff up. That Romania/Transylvania region is really creepy.  Come to think of it – I’ll pass on the castle property and reconsider that lake lot.


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