Energy Vampires

Wholly, smolly you’re sucking the life outta me.

Have you ever come across one of these wingnuts that are so boring they seemingly are sucking the life outta yaz.  Energy Vampires are what they are. They have nothing going on in their dreadfully miserable existence so they simply suck the energy from those close at hand. The sad part of this situation is when you walk into a room and that Energy Sucking Vampire is sitting there. So, now you are starting to drain psychologically even before sitting down.  This whole event is starting to hurt my brain because they don’t use their brain. These Vampires got you coming and going.

Humor is a direct reflection on intelligence and the relevant knowledge of your surroundings.  Creative is being able to take intelligence to another level of intellectual discovery.  And if you have neither humor or creativity in your make-up then you naturally would seek energy from those of us who do.  As they say – what happens when you try to get blood from a rock – nothing.  So, therefore the Joe & Jane Rockheads try to get your energy. It is absolutely exhausting to sit near these folks. I have even tried to stimulate some of these folks into a world of self discovery – but their brains don’t process the information. That is why people who are funny, smart or creative tend to stick together. Nobody wants to go out in public and get exposed to the Energy Vampires and have the live blood sucked outta yaz.

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