Burning the DVD/CD

Are we done with this format yet ?

I cannot even remember the last time I burnt a DVD or CD. With flash media cards why would anyone go through that hideous activity of opening up the software and loading up the files – click burn – only to have the CD get rejected.  Makes zero sense to me.  But, thank goodness someone was thinking when they figured out the flash media format.  Plug in the USB flash stick and whistle a couple files onto the stick – giddy-up – done like dinner. There is no waiting for the burner to burn-out or eject the CD premature. Wrong data format – please insert a blank CD or try again.  Give me a break you stupid machine I have a deadline to make here.  We have all been in that situation and yet we had no alternative.  Well the flash media is here so why aren’t more people using it.  I saw someone with a CD the other day and shuttered to think about the whole process.  Take the itunes and MP3 format – what kid is actually buying a CD – album to us antiquities.  I can slamdance a whole business project, download my camera, and borrow  some musical interludes from Cash Counter Wally and have room enough to compose a symphonic aria – on one flash media stick. What the heck are you morons doing with the DVD/CD – burn it.

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