Bon Voyage

Christopher Columbus’ Voyages.

I was asked the other day about Christopher Columbus and his spectacular achievement of sailing the across the Atlantic. The question was based on whether I would of done such a journey. Of course I would of done the journey.  The individual that asked the question responded with a usual – but, the boat was so small and rough back then. I had no answer for that remark as – for that era – those vessels where state of the art and nothing was better. Remember,  the ships – not boats – made it across the Atlantic and back to Europe didn’t they ?

Traveling is of such significance and value to yourself and to everybody else. It still amazes me to this day and age with all the modern technologies and methods of travel, that I meet those folks whom have been nowhere. The untraveled individual doesn’t present much interest to others when they have placed self imposed limitations on there ability to explore their surroundings. Try having a conversation with one of these characters and you’ll run a ground faster than a leaking oil tanker. These people have become so self limited that they start to create automatic responses to the travel questions – have you been there or where did you go last ?

Remember there is no rush to travel everywhere, just start to travel somewhere. Make a life out of traveling. Bring your kids to Disneyland, teach them to swim in a lake, ski the mountains or sail the oceans. Learn from your trips and adventures. Today’s transportation systems allow for much easier and frequent traveling. I believe the days of extended vacations are fading away. I would save the extended trip for my family. I had a family member live abroad with children while attending school. My thought was to sail around the world or just stay within one ocean for a year or so – and then back to regular life. But, then that’s just me.

Some of the usual responses heard and my response.

Why would you want to go there? – Because you are not there.
You haven’t been there? – Have you seen a map ?
I’m a single parent. – So ?
I have no one to go with? – I wouldn’t want to go with you either.
What about the kids? – The kids are why we’re going.

I live twenty minutes from a National Park and Regional Recreational Nature Trails. I frequent them throughout the 4 seasons and enjoy every minute. I also occasionally will visit a different part of the city or visit a small community for a change of scenery. Traveling to Paris or the Amazon is not necessary for those limited by vehicle or money. There are places to see and experience within walking distance. Take public transit. Ride a bike. Go for a walk. In fact many people often do not even travel to the other side of the city or outside their own community. Travel and bring on the conversation of life experiences.


7 responses to “Bon Voyage

  1. Having done it myself (Marbella, Spain, to Fort Lauderdale, FL) I can tell you in all honestly it’s NO BIG DEAL. Sail east or west and eventually a large continent will appear.


  2. Hi – I am certainly happy to discover this. great job!


  3. #harrison22[DGDGKGDAGKGD]

    Hey – I am really delighted to find this. great job!


  4. john mac quan

    I agree u can sail east ot west u will find land any were


  5. Very true! Thanks for the inspiring message.


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