Why we blog.

Because we have something to say. This internet thing and of course the computer with its oddities has created the most brilliant way for people to communicate.  In fact – anyone, anywhere, at any time – can read and comment on my blog – 24/7/365.  I,  like many bloggers out there receive comments from readers and fellow bloggers around the world.  My blog topics are often quoted and used in classrooms, bar rooms and board rooms. I had a reader ask to use a blog topic in an essay project. This readership provides a level of enlightenment not seen since receiving 100% on a math test, or scoring your first goal. We can comment on public issues that we disagree with or compliment movies, music or the art gallery opening.  Blogging is certainly not for those whom are simply out of touch with society.  Everyday I hear from people whom are confused as to the methodology of the blogger.  I listen to sports radio and hear those baboons complaining about the local fan base commenting on their favorite sports team via websites.  It is no wonder the next generation is not listening to the radio or reading the paper anymore.

There are 3 types of bloggers:

The Original – I must blog because I can. These folks offer a very abstract view point  and often the website is very creative.
The BTDT – Those of us whom feel it is our personal expression or freedom by presenting our viewpoint in a structured way. (Been There, Done That)
The Media – These folks are blogging because they will probably lose their job if they don’t. The media companies of the past are being bought out by the new multi-media conglomerates of today – thank goodness.


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