Walkie Talkie TV

Ten Four Good Buddy – We’ll get right on that there, over.

They should just create a TV channel called ‘Walkie Talkie TV’. Why get fancy with the illusion of bells and whistles associated with dialogue, story line, a script or some from of cinematography. Instead lets just think of ways to use the ‘Walkie Talkie’ and build captivating television around this marvel of 1950’s technology. I can see it now folks, in 10 years time we will have a whole run of television shows based on the pager. For added suspense we could use the hand held infrared sensor and a large boom microphone. Then lets analysis the data back at our laboratory base station in Los Angeles, California. Have you noticed that they use the same warehouse space for paranormal shows. Lets review some of these modern wonders of televison. Bounty Hunter, Truckers, Exterminators, Repo, UFO, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal, Police shows, Monster Quest, Beast Legends and Monday Night Football.


One response to “Walkie Talkie TV

  1. wow I guess you are right they have the nextell walkietalkies now everything is combined tv,radio, internet, whats next?


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