Bauhaus map link at bottom of post, folks. Have a visual.

I was once asked by a young person ‘ who is your favorite architect’. I said ‘Favorite I don’t know yet, but the architect that got me thinking the most was Walter Gropius’. Who is he ?
We have had enough soft tissue posts about The Art of Being Creative , now we should start with some real meat and bones stuff. If anyone is interested in Architecture you will already be aware of the Bauhaus Movement and for those who are not up to date … here’s your chance. Most everything one needs to learn about modern architectue stems from the Bauhaus movement. In fact I read a book penned by Tom Wolfe entitled ‘From Bauhaus to Our House’ – a very interesting point of view that inspired me to learn more about the genius architects behind such idealologies. Historically, in the world timelines there is some fairly creepy people that transpired around the Bauhaus era – Germany WW1 and WW2. The Architects left for North America and a whole new chapter in architecture began. So, I have started a new category of ‘Architecture’ to satisfy the visual in all creative types. When I find interesting buildings via the internet and how that building had inspired me to seek more education about it’s history I will post them under here.  Bauhaus is the first and foremost.

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