As a wysiwyg designer [what you see is what you get], we certainly appreciate the background engineers. Often our designs are dramaticly improved if we spend the extra time to learn the engineers methodology. They say a house is only as good as the foundation. Well that applies to the world of art and design, architecture and music as well. But, what if you are not that great singer or muscian and still want to be apart of the music industry, have you thought about the sound engineer or production engineer? Television, radio, movies and concerts are all engineered platforms. The wysiwyg performer needs an engineer to get their message to the audience. With today’s modern computer system the flexiblity and power can be harnessed in your own house or garage. I know musicans that have recorded their own master tracks at home and sent out to duplicate copies.  The internet is not the only product being manufactured from the home computer, the music industry and small video production is taking form as well. Last year Jay-Z topped all entertainment artists incomes with 63 million dollars. That doesn’t sound to bad.


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