Canadian Grunge

The Grunge music influenced bands around the world and even today fashion and trends are still showing the effects of the Pacific Northwest Music scene. Canada got into the act with several really great bands. Some bands just became popular because the Grunge Greats where still performing regularly. Eventually all the followers fizzled out. Bruce Allen, the wonder manager from Vancouver – Bryan Adams, Anne Murray, Lover Boy – got into the Grunge market with this band Econoline Crush. They had the right sound right away, and were selling out concerts right out of the gate. Of course it helps when Vancouver had all the great music studios and producers of the day.  Every major band on the planet recorded out of Vancouver during the Grunge era. I’ll explain that whole story line in another post. When you package it right it sells CD’s.

So, if you have a creative Idea and someone already has opened the doors for you then 3/4 of your work is done. The public now wants more content and are ready for anything new. That’s what Econoline Crush did. Cashed in as they say. Thankyou – Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

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