You are what you wear

After years of working retail and customer service, one begins to get an impression of whom the person is behind the clothes. I can usually get a pretty darn good take on most anyone and their chosen attire, especially after seeing the person several times. The other day I was enjoying an after work beverage and took notice of some of the usual suspects and their wardrobe selection for the day. It was interesting that my prediction equaled the visual. Of course this was after several visits, you wouldn’t want to formulate an opinion on the first sight. However, the first impression does count and more often then not they are fairly correct. There is a comfort level of knowing a little something about someone without having to ask. A good something. The crafty, sporting, outdoorsy, adventurous, fashionable, trendy, homey, artist, musical and more are words used to describe someone on paper. I think you can use those words to describe a persons visual as well.
I like that.


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