Fashion Cat in the Hat

A creative generation not seen since the 60’s / 70’s flower power era maybe upon us once again. The SYTYCD, Idol, Talent and Model Search televison shows are starting to influence the next generation of youngsters. The Malls are filled with a plethora of fashionistas looking for that back to school wardrobe. These kids are aware of the latest in style trends and coordinating accessories including the hat. Hats are back in a good way and with any luck they will replace baggy pants and underwear mistake of a few year back. Knowing your own fashion sense is quite impressive at such young years. It seems that the youth are picking up on these new trends at an earlier age. But, in reality over the years many generations have been very fashion conscious. My generation was impressed by the flower power. Music has been at the fore front of fashion decisions way before MTV. Elvis, Fabian, Frank, Cher, The Supremes, Liberace and Elton… etc. Walk thru the mall this fall and you’ll be able to determine the music genre the kids listen to based on their fashion sense. Backwards facing baseball cap with price tag attached ….. rap, perhaps?


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