Drama Queen

No drama queens please. Only those with or without talent may apply. When else in the modern era of entertainment can a person earn huge sums of money by being tremendously talented or have no talent what so ever. Interestingly enough those folks trying to fake the talent are immediately recognize and don’t succeed. So, there is some good in the system to help weed out the drama queens and find the true talent. The TV series Cops was pioneering in the live camera action to portray the dumb side of society which essentially created the demand for the public to want more dumbass on television – Housewives and Jersey Shore…etc.

This current trend for talent and reality based shows seems to fall back on the Seinfeld series. You know the one when George and Jerry are trying to sell a sitcom about nothing. The huge syndication money the Seinfeld sitcom receives certainly helped. Today, with You Tube anybody can market themselves with or without talent. Ask Jerry, Jay, Dean, Frank or Elvis about the industry – I get paid to be me – I hire smart people. Is that not the ultimate goal for everyone – get paid doing something you love and you’ll never have to work another day. Samuel L. Jackson has a great quote – “those who think money can’t buy happiness, never had money”.

With the technology today there is no need to wait for auditions just self market yourself. Check out Lisa Lavie on You Tube and the other social media sites – she writes, plays and records herself.  Did you see Jackie Evancho on America’s Got Talent. Talent is marketable. Non-talent is right place at the right time luck. And of course drama queens need not apply.

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