Well, seeing how this is the first post on all things that are plugged into the wall socket,  I will comment on the infamous brown-out. How did this marvel of infrastructure come about in the first place. How is it possible that we are using more electricity then what is available. Should there not be Government employees monitoring neighborhoods of energy consumption before passing out the development permits to their brother-in-laws construction firm.  Wouldn’t that mean our electrical bills should be lower because we are supposed to be using less – supposed to be. Is there a rebate for the down time I loose while recharging by car, razor, cell phone, interplanetary surfer …etc. What if I’m the super resourceful,energy efficient dude on the block. Somehow I volunteered into the automated random energy reduction plan system  ( aka brown-out ) because ‘Hair-do Sally’ across the street uses the blow dryer for an hour in the morning …. neat.


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