Sunday Buffet

I was watching the Hour with G. Stroumbo the other night and his guest was Michael J. Fox. For any of you folks who are older than last week will remember his great character in Family Ties – Alex P. Keaton. You can check out the interview on CBC website. Mr. Fox had a great comment about the Nerdie Dudes and Gals whom watched his character and inspired to become Alex. P. Keatons. Personally, I liked Alex’s sister the art student, the Mom whom was an Architect and the Dad who was a producer for PBS – can’t remember what his other sister did. Anyhow, the movie Wall Street also helped inspire the financial greed that soon followed. Essentially, we had people with no actual real world business experience handling huge amounts of money that would eventual create a financial downfall around the world. I hear daily about those folks whose investments have gone south because of the greed mongers. Years ago I would quote Warren Buffet to these so called Jr. Alex P. Keaton types and their response was – why does a musician know anything about finance – wow are these people lost.

Wrong Buffet folks. I will have to start a whole other blog on the financial dumbass – Jimmy Buffet is a darn good businessman and pretty successful as well.

I always would say – Fast like a rabbit, fall like a stone. Steady like a turtle, blossom like a flower. I could never remember any good quote so I made them up – but that makes sense.  I also know people who watched Family Ties and choose the way of the turtle and today are successful, respected business people.

I always enjoyed a good Sunday Buffet.

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