Opel’s Buick

Have you ever met someone whom gives you the look like you have just invented the wheel? In fact most of these people were probably around when the wheel was getting invented, but for heavens sake didn’t their mom tell them not to stare.

So, I’m commenting about the new Buick Regal that will be hitting showrooms near you if you happen to live in North America. If you happen to live in Europe, you are already familiar with the new Buick as it is the Opel Insignia. In fact- during the first year – all the new Buicks will be built in Germany at the Opel plants and shipped to North America until the new plants have been upgraded. This change of design from the antiquities of Detroit to the modern fashionable designs of Europe has been occurring for several years.  GM’s initial idea was to bring the Opel across the pond in the 70’s with a small little sports car, and recently tried to gain ground with the re-branded car as the Saturn. Well we all know how that turned out – complete with bad union contracts and Government bailouts. Anyhow, Ford started the first movement of Europe re-branding and Chrysler had really stepped up recently with several of their sedans via the past ownership of Mercedes. Unfortunately, Chrysler was to far gone for even Mercedes to correct. But, there seems to be help on the horizon as new products being designed and developed in Europe will continue to be brought into North American showroom. It is unfortunate about the recent shutdown of the last plant in Windsor, Ontario. But, at the same time – GM’s Chevrolet Camaro – is being made in Oshawa, Ontario based on an Australian Holden platform and is selling everthing it can produce. The new Chrysler’s will be assembled in Canada using the Alfa Romeo platforms. How cool will that be to have the chance once again to own a Alfa Romeo designed car via a North America showroom. How about owning an Opel that is actually made in Germany – very cool indeed. Of course to satisfy the mostly uninformed North American buyer whom cannot identify with the fluid design and elegantly simple  complicity of the  interior – the Buick badge with be bolted on and plastic wood inserts will be installed. This way it doesn’t look like Buick is reinventing the wheel … just borrowing a proven  model.

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