Tour de France

Summer is finally here. Well, for some of you folks summer probably began around May long weekend or during summer solstice. But, for me summer is all about the warm weather riding season. I think about what it would be like to cycle when its warm enough to sweat just by coasting. The trees are full of leaves, the grass is green and all the flowers are well into bloom. The definitive reminder of summer is the ultimate endurance event held throughout the month of July – the Tour de France. With its various stage route changes year to year and the chance for odd weather conditions you cannot help to be captivated by the scenery in which the riders pass by. This is a great televised sport because of the superb European scenery and the fact everybody can identify with riding a bike. For 2010 they are starting in Belgium before moving south into France, the Alps, the Pyrennes and eventually down the Champ Elyess. Yesterday, I was watching stage-3 July 6, 2010 and a lone Canadian rider broke out of the peleton to lead several kilometers before eventually being caught. The Victoria, B.C. native Ryder Hesjeda is riding for Garmin Transition. My past blog about gravity cyclist completing in coasting events lasting several minutes, Ryder (great name for a cyclist) event was over 213km with speeds close to 70km/hr on the flats, actual pedaling here folks. At the last kilometer the pack sprinted to leave Ryder in a very successful 4th place for the stage. When you have a chance watch the race or check out the website online to learn about the terminology and stages. A good test to know if you are in a good bike shop isn’t just the presence of road bikes and training wheels. I once asked staff if the ‘Lance effect’ has helped sales and he said who is Lance. The gal manager said ‘a blonde skateboarder from California.

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