The Year of the Bicycle

I have been cycling for the past ….. years, basically since I was 5 or 6. The learning curve of every child’s experience usually starts off during the spring when the snow has finally melted, the streets are cleared of the gravel and the trees are budding while the grass has grown long enough to mow. If any of you where like me, and had older siblings complete with hand-me-downs, the bike was the most treasured. Call the folks, get the pump and drag the old unit outside beside the curb (easier to get on from the curb) and wait for the parental assistance. The usual run behind, holding onto the frame until the parent cannot catch up to the child usually works… sometimes on the first try. I am pretty sure it took be a couple tries as the bike was considerably larger than needed, but that didn’t matter to me. I had ridden horses before I could ride a bike, so size was not the issue. Of course it wasn’t my bike so I used the drop and jump technique to ensure that I truly got the correct balance and skill required to get on and off the bike successfully… provided there was a curb nearby. Anyhow years have past and I still ride regularly throughout the year despite living in the Northern Hemisphere…climate change and all. I also learned to mow the lawn that year.


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