The Canadian Pentathlon

I was talking to a younger person the other night and was quite pleasantly surprised that they where familiar with the Canadian Pentathlon. Those five quintessential events being; paddle a boat, swim, ride a bike, ski and skate. The first thing a Canadian immigrant usually talks about is their experience learning one of the great Canadian Five and the eager anticipation to learn them all. So, what is the deal with all the new kids and adults that have somehow not learned these basics of being Canadian. We have beer commercials about this stuff folks for a reason. Where I live its cold 8 months out of the year and the waterways are iced over. How someone living in this climate is incapable of skating or skiing …. Wow. Canada has the largest shoreline of any country and the most amount of fresh water… so learn to swim and paddle a canoe for gods sake. Buy a bike already and ride to work if so possible and make sure your kids can ride. Canada is the greatest recreational place on the planet and these five sports are best enjoyed outside. So, instead of sitting down shoveling food in your mouth between bouts of video games… get outside and get some excerise. Canadians maybe at a loss for an actual identity other then Hockey, the Beaver and Bacon, but surely we can learn the Canadian Pentathlon.


One response to “The Canadian Pentathlon

  1. This is the best idea I’ve ever heard. Also, a fantastic idea for a sequel to the Dolph Lundgren movie [].


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