Stop Grunting, Already

Summer is really here in the northern hemisphere when the annual sporting events start-up. Thanks for the television and internet, we are able to capture and show live results from these great international events. Yah, I know that tennis has its seasonal offerings along with motor sports and of course the Olympics and this year is also a World Cup year. However, it’s the sports that haven’t been televised throughout the world with the same comprehensive coverage that interest me. With demand for these sporting spectaculars also increases the advent of new technology that is filtered down to our personal electronic devices. It seems the dumbass who decided on giving away free horns at the World Cup in South Africa is contributing to the new technology. Almost all broadcasters and communication giants have started to develop noise limiting software. Unfortunately, this new software will not be heard… or rather not heard for another 4 years. But, they can practice with the new software by removing the grunts on Tennis matches.


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