Help Wanted: IT Workers

This would be a good sign of the economy if our country was looking for experienced IT workers. The IT workers in demand the most are those required for the new media industries based around motion picture,3D and video gaming. The reason we don’t see a lot of these want ads in the various newspapers or online classifieds is because these companies bring in foreign workers on visas. Did you know that the Canadian Government has allowed a fast track loop hole for these IT workers to enter Canada, allowing them to find work immediately? That’s right the Canadian Government had a default waiver system in place for the temp or permanent workers to enter Canada and start working, while the rest of us new media types were wondering were the want-ads are. They didn’t have any want ads…. Of course they will tell you that they had the necessary time frame ad promoting a new position, but did you see these ads? I didn’t. So, now the Canadian Government is Waiving the IT Visa waiver for good and for the betterment of us all. Start looking in the want-ads again folks… some good positions may be available.


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