Well this union of two automotive companies just can’t happen any faster. The skill set needed to operate such a large business has long been bettered by the Asian and European companies. We know who went bankrupt and Ford was smart enough to see the future and restructured prior to the fall of two once great automotive names. It is unfortunate that the downfall of these companies also included the elimination of some significant name plates of very historic significance; Pontiac and Mercury being the latest. Those diehard auto guys and girls whom swear by the quality of the North American vehicle will be glad to know that their Unions have recently visited the Fiat plants in Europe and reported that their assembly process was far more accurate and superior to the North American Standard. I agree with this as any one whom has drove a European or Asian Auto will detest. The best GM cars are Opel designs, and Ford’s best are from their European design studios. Well now Chrysler and Dodge will benefit from Fiat more so then the past partnership with Mercedes. Expect the New Fiat 500 this Fall in showrooms. And the Alfa Romeo designs will follow shortly thereafter. So, are you in the market for a European designed, Italian styled, made in Canada car? Giddy-up.


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