Televised Sport

Amongst the true sports enthusiast it is hard to watch some sports live like basketball, baseball or football due to the lack of game structure and officiating. These are sports for the television and best viewed on your Sony vs the nose bleeds. Sitting at a baseball game and being painfully reminded of the mid stretch boredom through a group karaoke session is not my ideal version of live sport. Of course we are also amidst the 2010 World Cup of Soccer currently being played in South Africa complete with rapid fans blowing into plastic horns. What dipstick on the World Cup committee came up with this brilliant idea. Imagine planning for the largest televised sporting event on the planet and someone in the room puts up their hand and suggests ‘free plastic horns for everybody‘ …. what!. Of course soccer officiating can also be a little lop-sided complete with the spastic actions from the athletes seeking the Academy Award for best stunt in a live performance category. Whatever the sport we watch there is usually some call of foul if our favorite didn’t cross the finish line several lengths ahead. Just try betting on your next favorite recreational past time and you’ll find fault in everything except your decision to choose the second place finisher.


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