Refs win over Celtics

Speaking about bad officiating, did anybody see the NBA final between the L.A. Refs and Boston Celtics. Holy joker, batman. If you look at the stats alone without the actual visual of game tape you would swear the Celtics had the advantage. But, here’s the catch and also the flaky-ness to NBA. When a Referee calls a foul the fouled player gets an uninterrupted free throw at the basket. How incredibly handy is that for getting a few free points on the board without having to work for them. This means that the Referee can win a game for any team just by calling fouls on the opponent. Watch some game footage from last nights game and notice that LA coach Jackson wasn’t even worried about the outcome throughout the game when his team was down. In fact notice his calmness when the Lakers took the lead and he chatted to the team about how the finish was already theirs. The Lakers showed no emotion like they knew the outcome. The Celtics where playing great defense and holding the Lakers off the board. Unfortunately, the Celtics could not control the Referees whistles and in the fourth, which gave the Lakers 21 free throws.  The stats were so in favor of a good defensive game strategy by the  Celtics in all categories. Look up the stats folks. Even when the Referees were giving the fouls to the Celtics the Lakers couldn’t even connect. So, the Referees just kept giving the Celtics more fouls until the Lakers scored more points from the free throw line…. 21 free throws in the fourth, unbelievable.  Could you imagine something like that happening in a proper professional sport like NHL. Every time a penalty is called the offended player could shoot at the net from the center line without a goaltender. This is simply a staggeringly stupid statistical fault in an otherwise great athletic sport. I wonder how much Jack Nicholson wins when the Lakers win.


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