The Funny Scotsman

Humor… cracks me up. Some personalities make me laugh just in their mannerisms and quirks. Billy Connolly is definitely one of the funnier chaps adding colour to a sometimes dull planet. Recently, Billy did a documentary on Canada ….. yes indeed the great expanse of Canada was his topic. What is also interesting was the fact he traveled extensively across the land to the tune of about 10,000 miles. Which if anybody has traveled to Canada or you currently live here and made some sort of seasonal pilgrimage you will understand the vastness of this great land. Billy took the northern routes which is not even frequented by Canadians due to the vastness and most obvious being the expense. Canada is the only Country on earth with such diversity and size that itself creates logistical travel challenges that modern transportation means just haven’t mastered. Let’s not forget the cold weather, bugs and animals that will consume you. You can book a flight to anywhere in Africa, South America, any South Pacific Island of your choosing but, try calling up the local travel agent and book the next flight to Ellesmere Island National Park. Or, you could buy Billy Connolly’s DVD entitled ‘Journey to the Edge of the World’ and enjoy a good laugh.


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