Oil Spill Coverage

I live in a Oil & Gas based community and interact with many of the employees of these large multinational organizations daily.  And I admit that intellect is not a prerequisite for employment. This big industry does indeed employ people and put money in their pockets to spend but it comes at a severe cost. Pollution is huge around here and the environmental impact is very rarely noted because these large companies fund the governmental parties to hide the issues.  First World, Third World or Developing Nation all countries have their hidden agendas beyond public awareness. The problem is Government should be encouraging new industry to develop clean energy and simply stop the expansion of dirty energy. This media coverage should clearly inform the world of the need for new ideas and alternative energy sources. Europe, China, Japan, Australia are all leading the way in government initiatives to encourage new energy entrepreneurs. If any good news is to come from this spill it will be the development of clean-up products and re-instating the safety regulations again. Interesting note is the deregulation of the Oil & Gas industry by the last administration in the U.S. also employs some of those elected officials. Just prior to the Oil Spill one particular individual was certainly shooting his mouth off between shooting faces off. Don’t hear much from those folks now do we.

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