Mr. Hopper

I have spent many years in art schools and talking to the creatives of society through different public gathering of like-minded people. It goes without saying that when you are with like-minded folk there is a common taste and thought process about other artists methodology and projects. During the mid to late 80’s one great character actor that was really catching the attention of the art community was the late Dennis Hopper. Obviously, you are reading this blog because you have an interest in being creative or you are creative. Therefore,  you would have some recollection of a Dennis Hopper movie. Most folks remember the Apocalypse Now, or Easy Rider as Mr. Hopper’s memorable flicks. But, what Mr. Hopper created was the ultimate roll actor part that was critical to the movie yet not the main character. We all can identify with the cameo roll of Tom Cruise in ‘Tropic Thunder’ as Les Grossman or a quick glimpse of Alfred Hitchcock. But the secondary roll that had complete relevance to the entire movie even when his presence wasn’t on screen … that was created by Mr. Hopper.

And wouldn’t you know it, that Mr. Hopper is a excellent painter, sculpturer and fine art collector. I recall his home in Architectural Digest several years ago, and that home was just stunning. Before the mass media exposure of today where the lives of everybody is on display from day one, we had to learn to identify with and actor through their body of work. You can qualify a persons creative ability by asking what character actor they enjoy, if they refer to a Jennifer …. well you get the point.  But, if they said Mr. Hopper … well then you have a conversation.


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