Help Line

I have been fortunate enough to have lived and worked in the scuba & water sports industry for many years. During this time working, I became aware of the unbelievably brilliant people whom are the leading edge entrepreneurs in the development of underwater submersibles. The remotely operated underwater vehicle or ROV that has been designed and perfected in the West Coast of Canada for years are truly amazing. If you want a little prove on the matter, just research Nuytco and the genius designs that are used around the world today. It is this underwater genius knowledge base that seems abundant in Canada and not found since Jacques Cousteau’s spectacular self-contained underwater breathing apparatus  SCUBA for you commoners.  James Cameron developed systems and cameras for the movie Titanic and who hasn’t seen Avatar. Most underwater Photographers are using housing designed and manufactured in Canada. Well with all the knowledge on underwater ROV’s, Housing and Submersibles wouldn’t it be great if those dumbass’ in the Gulf Oil Spill asked for help from these folks. Oh, wait James Cameron himself offered … and his help was declined. So, if you want to have something in common with a famous director/producer call + 281 – 366 – 5511.

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