Here’s a hint for all you creative types. Make sure your future clients are updated with the current terminology. There will be communication breakdowns if the client hasn’t kept up to the rest of the world. Technology has allowed communication between distances become smaller and answers are available immediately …365/24/7 in any language. The best clients have researched about any new endeavor and that is usually a sign of a successful business. I have worked in the industry prior to the internet and cell phones yet, we always managed to find out information on the next business project. In today’s world there is simply no excuse for not being informed.

Bank account, phone account, library membership, magazine subscription, medicine prescription these words all make sense and many of us currently have all of the above. What about email account, hosting account, newsletter membership and a forum subscription… many of us have these as well. But, what about the client who’s inability to relate the word ‘account‘  with hosting or email. How, can any of us communicate to someone whom is not up to speed with the Human Race.  ‘Activate‘  is another of those words that seem to complicate some folks, especially when used with the word account in a sentence. For instance – bring with you to the bank and activate your account. Here’s another one – click on link to activate your hosting account. If your client gets lost in the ‘click on link’ task… you may want to move onto another project because I just can’t imagine your project getting any easier.


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